1. Introduction

  1. Introduction

General presentation and scope of the kit

(It is designed to serve both LYMEC and MO’s in their organizational development; contains important information and tools for new youth political organizations, but also there a methods and new creative ideas for organizations that strive to improve their impact on young people.)

  1. Organization, structure and statutes
  • basic facts about the political youth organizations
  • different options of how to organize a political youth organization
  • structures have to fit with the local environment: there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution
  • recommendable principles of efficient organization and transparent structures
  1. Programmatic work and decision making process
  • fundamental values and principles of Liberalism and their concrete meaning for the political work
  • examples and applications of these principles based on the work experiences of fellow MO’s
  • different ways of formation of opinions and the decision making processes within an organization
  • the importance of a democratic decision making process
  1. Campaigning
  • targeting the right audience
  • different thematic and electoral campaigning methods and techniques
  • delivering and spreading a political message
  • door to door campaign
  1. Recruitment and motivation of membership
  • discover the similar problems of rising interest and attention of the youth for political questions and activities in many countries
  • experiences and new ideas on how to motivate new activists, new members and re-motivate passive members of the organization
  1. Relation towards mother party /mother organization
  • different models and approaches on how to form a relationship with a mother party / organization
  • the close or loose relations and the advantages and disadvantages of these different concepts
  1. Funding and finances
  • the importance of an independent budget for the work of their organization
  • different options of raising funds for the political work and new ideas and approaches to generate income
  • experiences in how to organize the financial affairs of a political youth organization
  1. Legal framework
  • different legal constraints, government restrictions and similar problems in the political work
  • strategies on how to deal with and how to overcome such difficulties
  1. Strategic planning
  • fundamentals of strategic thinking and the importance of a strategic approach in organization’s work
  • basics of the strategic planning and overview of different planning techniques
  • implementation and application of planning tools in a practical context
  1. Political education and training
  • liberal academies, institutes, foundations and political training centers
  1. Other instruments and experiences from MO’s
  • different other materials and topics that not fall into above categories
  • international (e.g. IFLRY) and regional (e.g. LYMEC, YLDA, …) liberal political youth organizations/networks existing and how to benefit from these organizations


Every folder of the Tool kit will include a note with useful links to manuals, brochures, books, articles, videos, movies, presentations, etc. on that specific topic.