Marten Porte

IFLRY representative

Home Country: The Netherlands

Affiliation: JD

Marten started his political work at his local chapter of the Jonge Democraten (JD) in the Netherlands where he served for two years. After that he entered into the national board on a full-time basis combining the positions of Treasurer and International Officer.

He is a convinced social liberal, striving for a strong European Union, equal rights and strong climate policies. Apart from his work in JD and his study Political Science he has served as the student representative in the executive board of his faculty and has been group leader in the University Student Council of his university. He recently started as a self-employed consultant, working in the field of politics, internet governance and cyber security. In this capacity he has worked for a former D66 MEP and contributed to a report on cyber security for the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF).