From 30 of April to 2 May over 120 LYMEC members and guests gathered in central Rotterdam to discuss the future of our continent and its neighbourhood, with a special focus on security, defence and foreign policy.


Thursday afternoon and Friday until 16h30 dozens of participants had the opportunity to listen to several conferences on several topics such as North Africa, EU-Turkish relations or the issue of vaccination. From 14h30 to 16h30 a special conference, with the presence of (among others) Marietje Schaake MEP and the support of the European Liberal Forum, approached the topic of TTIP’s impact in shipping industry.

During the congress itself, that took place from Friday to Saturday, members discussed and approved the Annual Report, Bureau members’ and Secretary General’s reports, as well as the financial reporting for the year of 2014.

Saturday, LYMEC’s delegation to the 2015 ALDE Party Congress (due to take place in November, in Budapest) was elected, with 10 members. The elected delegates are Ab Brightman (United Kingdom, LY), Friso Bonga, (Netherlands, JD), Beret Roots (Germany, JuLis), Sofia Molin (Sweden, CS), Aleksandar Nestorov (Bulgaria, YMRF), Tobias Bashevkin (Norway, NUV), Teppo Sakkinen (Finland, FCY), Benedikt Bente (Germany, IMS), Timo Roeleveld (Netherlands, Bureau) and finally Kevin Tammearu (Estonia, ERPY).

In the later part of congress, LYMEC members discussed and approved several resolutions, ranging from the right to blasphemy to TTIP, and from euthanasia to the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

This congress was also marked by a street action in defense of the negotiation process on TTIP and by the presence of guests from other youth organizations (European Youth Forum, YEPP, FYEG and YDE).

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