Brussels Congress Documentation Page

Draft Agenda Spring Congress 2019

5 – 7 April 2019, Brussels

  1. Opening speech by LYMEC President and guests
  2. Roll call and voting rights
  3. Election of Congress chairs, secretaries and scrutineers
  4. Adoption of the agenda
  5. Urgency of resolutions (in case of urgency resolutions handed in) Urgency resolutions can be submitted using the resolution tool until the opening of Congress (5.4.2019 17:00).
    1. Open and Free Internet
  6. Snap vote on the order of resolutions (with presentation of resolutions)
  7. Adoption of minutes from the congress in Vilnius
  8. Annual Report and debate (for information)
  9. Bureau reports and debate about the reports
  10. Secretary General Report and debate about the report
  11. ALDE Party Congress 2018: report from delegation
  12. Finances
    1. Annual Financial Report 2018, Realised ELF Budget 2018 and External Auditors report
    2. Interim Financial Report 1-3/2019 (for information)
    3. Updated 2019 Budget
    4. Requests for reduced membership fee and payment plans
    5. Internal Auditors’ report (for information)
  13. Membership issues
    1. Applications for Associate Membership
    2. Applications for Full Membership
    3. Suspensions
      • ANC Youth (Armenia)
      • LiFT (Hungary)
    4. Disaffiliations
      • Young Republicans (Georgia)
      • Projekt: Polska (Poland)
  14. Election of the Delegation for ALDE Party Congress 24-26.10.2019 in Athens, Greece (presentations, questions and voting) (Please read the LYMEC Delegation Guidelines before applying!)
  15. Resolutions (Amendments to amendments to resolutions and motions can be submitted by the tool. Deadline for amendments to amendments is Friday 5 April at 17 pm Brussels time (CEST).) The first version of amendments (NB! Subject to change, this is for informational purposes only and not the version we will use at Congress!) can be found here. The updated version can be found here!!
    1. 601 Resolution on the future of our environment: climate change, pollution and looking forward to...,82
      URGENCY RESOLUTION 107 Open and Free Internet,69
      702 Legalisation of snus and tobacco products with flavours or certain additives,58
      401 Standing behind our SMEs,57
      103 The European Council. A impetus, not an obstacle.,46
      203 Resolution on condemning the persecution and torture of journalists and activists,46
      202 Legal protection of Whistleblowers,45
      102 Defending Europe: a liberal common-sense approach to joint security,44
      201 Legalize pepper spray,43
      101 Democracy at the Doorstep,34
      402 Cutting development aid,33
      303 Secure Innovation, how to secure smart devices,32
      901 The relationship with Turkey under assessment,31
      105 Sunset clause on legislation,27
      106 The Future of the EU Institutions,22
      304 The Future isn't near, It's here: a common approach to cybersecurity,12
      301 European Student Card,11
      104 Resolution on the future of European unity,11
      302 European University Network,10
      701 Securing a sustainable future for fisheries,7
  16. Announcement of the elected Delegates for ALDE Party Congress
    LYMEC Delegation to the ALDE Party Congress  
    Name Votes
    Laia Comerma, JNC


    Antoaneta Asenova, LYMEC Bureau


    Anouk van Brug, JOVD


    Andre Gruber, JUNOS


    Franziska Brandmann, JuLis


    Marina Sedlo IMS


    Tanzer Yuseinov, YMRF


    Andras Sztaneff, IMS


    Terese Skutaite, LLJ


    Malthe Rugberg, RU


    Anna Komziuk, LDLU


    Ciara Campbell, YL


    Gaspar Shabad, ERPY


    John de Coster, FEL


    Rebecca Hovgaard, VU


    Tiago Dias, IMS


    Julien Dupont, JR


  17. Reports from Member Organisations, IMS, the Committee of Discipline and Arbitrage and LYMEC Working Groups
  18. Any other business
  19. Closing