The host country/organisations for our LYMEC Spring Congress in 2021 will be selected in the coming weeks!

The Bureau took the decision to host the 2021 Autumn Congress in Skopje, North Macedonia in October as a follow-up to the planned 2020 Spring Congress that couldn’t take place because of COVID. LYMEC needs a location for the Spring Congress 2021.

We therefore launch an official call for our Full Member Organisations to apply to host the next Spring Congress 2021. Here is an overview of what is needed to host our highest statutory event:

  • Strong management and project capacities for major events
  • Finding venues that can accommodate up to 150 people (sitting down)
  • Proposing catering for the whole event, including coffee breaks
    (dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday)
  • Making up a draft overview of costs/draft budget
  • 2 night accommodation for up to 150 participants (preferably breakfast included)
  • List of transportation options
    (Towards the hosting city, from the airport to the hotel, venue and dinner locations, by different means of transportation)
  • Social programme (official event during the evenings)
  • A realistic timeline of the preparation of the event (the LYMEC Office will assist you on that)
  • Look for fundraising opportunities, sponsorship, co-funding and/or donations
  • Local volunteers to help with logistics during the Congress

The application should include:

  • All relevant logistical information (local and international transport options, catering, venues, accommodation and a social programme)
  • Transport options: how to get to the host city from abroad by plane/train, and how to get to the venue from the airport and train stations
  • Estimated price range for lunch, dinner, coffee breaks for 150 people
  • Proposed venues for the Congress: estimated costs, other details to be considered
  • Accommodation: Estimated price range for double/twin rooms
  • A short presentation of the team
  • A proposed timeline for the preparations as well as the suggested dates for the Congress – please also include if there are any absolutely impossible dates such as national elections or equivalent.
  • Please aim at having a clear presentation of the costs and budget needed to make the Congress happen in your country!

The practical details to consider:

  • The Spring Congress should be organised in April 2021 (temptative dates are 23 to 25 April 2021) ;
  • The Congress should accommodate up to 150 persons;
  • If there are several Full Member Organisations in a country we expect a joint application;
  • Deadline for applications is 30 October 2020 by the end of the day;
  • All points of the call are considered to be important and need to be included in the application;
  • Applications are to be sent by email to office(a), cc: bureau(a);
  • We will only consider applications from Full Member Organisations.
  • We look forward to your applications! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretary General at office(a)
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