Conference on the Future of Europe

Conference on the Future of Europe

We at LYMEC are delighted by the news that the much delayed Conference on the Future of Europe is finally taking place this year, beginning on the 9th May 2021. This Conference is highly significant for young people across Europe, representing a chance for us all to shape the future of the European Union. As an organisation representing over 200,000 young Europeans, we know that the future belongs to the young: we can bring daring, boldness and innovation to the table as the European Union works to tackle the huge challenges facing all of us this century.

We call on the European Parliament, Commission and Council to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Conference, and to give real voice to all European citizens, especially young people, who have time and time again proven themselves to be engaged with and invested in our common future. Today’s problems require courage and creativity, and we urge our European leaders to be bold in their thoughts and actions.

Read more about the Conference in this European Parliament press release: Future of Europe: Engaging with citizens to build a more resilient Europe | News | European Parliament (

Our actions: 

*3 May: Our proposals were published on the LYMEC website: institutional reform  and political priorities.
*4 May: Our proposals were sent out to our Member Organisations and key European stakeholders. 
*4 May: Event with the ALDE Party - Our President, Antoaneta Asenova was one of the speakers. 
*5 May: Event with Renew Europe during the Online Open Days - with 3 LYMEC representatives asking questions to G. Verhofstadt and K. Cseh from the Renew Europe Group. 
*11 May: Event with Renew Europe and Ilhan Kyuchyuk, MEP in cooperation with LYMEC - Our President, Antoaneta Asenova was the moderator of a session on the vision of the youth for the Conference. 
*19 May: Our proposals were submitted on the Digital Platform of the Conference
*11 June: Discussion at the ALDE Party Congress with our President, Antoaneta Asenova and G. Verhofstadt from the Renew Europe Group. 
*18 June: Our President, Antoaneta Asenova took part in the Renew Europe Group preparatory meeting for the Conference. 



May - June: Social Media campaign with our proposals


More actions and information about our campaigns on the Future of Europe to come!