Elections - LYMEC Delegation to the ALDE Party Congress 2024

Welcome to the elections page for the LYMEC delegation to the 2024 ALDE Party Congress! 

At our upcoming 2023 LYMEC Autumn Congress in Riga, Latvia, you will elect 9 representatives (+ the Policy Officer of LYMEC) to bring LYMEC's ideas and proposals to the next ALDE Party Congress in 2024. 

This page will give you all the information you need about the candidates.

Please find the list of candidates below:


Daniel Ruiz


Silvia Fernandez


Elias Olsson

I am 25 years old and I live in Stockholm. I got involved in politics in 2018 when I became a member of the LUF. Since then I have been active in both the youth wing and the party and right now I work full time in politics. I have also been the vice chairman of the international committee since 2022. During these years I have really gotten to know the liberal family around Europe, since my focus in the committee has been LYMEC. I got a broad experience in political work from local to national and even international levels.


Stefanía Reynisdóttir

Stefanía Reynisdóttir is currently working as a Strategic Communications and Public Relations consultant in the fields of Energy, Industry and Aviation, with an academic background in Political Science (BA) and International Relations (MSc). Stefanía has been an active member of Uppreisn - the Icelandic Young Liberals since 2018, having served on the board as IO for three conservative terms in 2018-2022. She was recently elected to serve another term on the board for 2023-2024. For a number of years, Stefanía has worked on strengthening the position and future opportunities of young people in the democratic process in Iceland as a representative in the National Youth Council of Iceland.


Sorcha Ní Chonghaile

My name is Sorcha Ní Chonghaile and I am a teacher working in Brussels. I originally come from the Republic of Ireland. I have been the International Officer of my organisation, Ógra Fianna Fáil, since spring 2022 and a member of our mother party since 2016. I have a degree in Global Citizenship Education and have a keen interest in youth representation in politics. I have experience at ALDE Congress and I am thoroughly aware of the processes which need to be followed for our delegation to thrive and succeed at the event. 


Elsie Gisslegård

I started my political journey in Centre Party where I held various roles, most recently as Spokesperson for Foreign and Defence Policy for CUF. In 2020, I represented Sweden in the EU's European Youth Dialog and the Conference on the Future of Europe. The approaching congress in Riga will be my 9th LYMEC congress. I currently am one of LYMEC’s auditors and was one of the last LYMEC delegates at ALDE Congress. Professionally, I pursuing an MSc at the London School of Economics and work as Content Executive for Best for Britain, the UK’s leading nonpartisan advocacy group upholding internationalist values.


Bowi Ockerse

My name is Bowi Ockerse, I am 25 years old, I live in the beautiful city of The Hague and I work at
the immigration office of the Netherlands. I’m a member of JOVD. Within JOVD I am a part of the
International Secretary, and founder of the women’s network. I am also on the board of Young
Women in Politics. Besides JOVD and my work I love to sport and that’s why I run twice a week
and attend ballet lessons. Finally, as a hobby, I am studying at the Dutch hairdresser academy.


Florentyna Martyńska 

My name is Florentyna Martyńska. I am the International Officer of the Polish liberal organisation Nowoczesna Youth. I am a student of international and European law, currently on my exchange at Charles University in Prague. I am a former intern of the Embassy of Poland in Riga and a current intern of Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Prague. I am an author of ILSA Law Journal The Hague Chapter and a liberal platform 4liberty.eu. Among other activities within LYMEC, I am a participant of Young Changemakers’ Academy 2023.


Tim Robinson

My name is Tim and I am running to be part of LYMEC’s Delegation to the ALDE Congress 2024. I have several years of experience as an IMS Delegate, and have already represented LYMEC twice at ALDE Congress. I have already helped to build LYMEC’s image in ALDE, ensure we submit quality resolutions, and fight our corner effectively in debates. I have also learnt valuable lessons about how we can do better next time round, and hope you value my experience to represent you at ALDE Congress.


Fabian Grepper

My name is Fabian Grepper, I’m a 24-year-old history student from Switzerland. My main interests are infrastructure policy, environmental politics, and disabled rights. My interest in foreign policy also overlaps with my interest in foreign cultures and travel. I’m the president of my local chapter of my party and a delegate to the national congress for over three years now as well as I’m a fix part of the international team of Jungfreisinnige. Furthermore, a great passion of mine is art and classical music, to this day you can meet me, whenever possible, at museums, exhibitions, or the concerts.


David Grasveld

I am David Grasveld, 24 years old, of German and Dutch origins. Currently I am the international officer of LHG and have previously been involved in the international committee of JuLis. My thorough interest in foreign and security policy led me to obtain an undergraduate degree in International Relations, for which I was granted a scholarship by FNF, and I am currently pursuing a second degree in Political Philosophy. In my free time, I like to produce and listen to electronic music, explore foreign countries and hold in-depth conversations with friends and strangers alike.


Martina Barrés Sabartés

I am a final year student of Law and International Relations, passionate about International Law, conflict resolution and Foreign Affairs. Currently, I am doing my internship at the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in Switzerland, based in Geneva. Throughout my academic journey, I have effectively harmonized my studies with practical work experiences, encompassing internships at a small consultancy specialized in companies’ internationalization, as well as within the event organization department of a hotel chain. These experiences have given me a glimpse into the working world. In addition, I am characterized by being motivated, organized, with strong communication skills and a constant desire to learn.


Konstantsa Gyurova

I work as a Senior Business Consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria. I am passionate about numbers, margins and any kind of financial data. I am also a PhD in progress. I hope that really soon I will have the opportunity to be a tutor in the economic university in Sofia and contribute for the interest of young people in economics and politics. I have been a member of the Youth Movement for Rights and Freedoms (Youth MRF) since 2020. I am glad that I was part of the delegation to the ALDE Party Congress 2023 and gained valuable experience. I am keen about promotion of liberal and democratic ideas, human rights, free market, freedom of speech, open dialogue with citizens, participation of young people into politics and increased institutional effectiveness. I am motivated to learn, work devotedly and elaborate further my international experience.