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We at LYMEC believe that science represents an opportunity to enhance and improve human well-being, as well as create new jobs and boost financial prosperity. The European Year of Skills should focus on initiatives to equip young people with the skills to thrive in these changing economies, including scientific research and technological skills. 

Scientific progress and technological advancement are the drivers of green transitions and digital revolutions which will reshape economies in Europe and beyond. These revolutions, like other industrial revolutions before them, have the potential to enhance human and environmental well-being, but also to transform and disrupt job markets.

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March 24 2023

Young Changemakers' Academy 2023 - Event #1

Call for the 2023 Young Changemakers’ Academy!    Registrations are now open here - deadline is 6 February 2023 at 10h00 CET (Brussels time).   The...

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Ammunition Plan for Ukraine

The EU agreed €2 billion ammunition plan for Ukraine. LYMEC welcomes the decision. We need to supply all possible and necessary ammunition and weapons so Ukraine can defend itself, democracy and Europe against Russia.

March 22 2023

Chat control - mandatory for all

The European Commission has proposed a new regulation dubbed Chat Control - effectively ending privacy in digital communication for every citizen. The regulation’s aim is to combat sexual abuse of children, and the method chosen is mandatory chat contro...

March 22 2023

LYMEC Mission and Vision

As a result of the motion 10.25 ‘When great communicators come together, they create greater results’ adopted at the LYMEC Electoral Spring Congress in Prague 2022, for the first time LYMEC has launched a working group on Communications. The LYMEC Commu...

March 07 2023