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July 14 2017 - July 16 2017

Getting the Liberal Message Out

July 14, 2017 at 12:00am - July 16, 2017

Getting the Liberal Message Out

Getting the Liberal Message Out

ABOUT THE EVENT Communication is key: you might have the best policies ever, but if you don't know how to get your message out, nobody will know about it! In order to support your communications efforts we are organising a communications training aimed at providing you with the skills and insight needed to make a convincing case, be it in a debate, in an interview or on social media or even during elections. We are planning on having sessions on convincing communication (how to get the message through), public speaking, debate training and social media. The event primarily aimed at those who tinker behind communications and social media, but also individuals who want to improve their own set of skills. During the event you will also get an opportunity to exchange experience and best practice with your colleagues from other member organisations on topics such as how to grow membership and win elections. WHERE: the workshop is planned for the weekend 14-16 in Gdansk, Poland. There is no participation fee for this event, but LYMEC reserves the right to apply a late cancellation and no-show fee to avoid unnecessary expenses for people who do not show up. Meals and accommodation is covered by organizers plus travel reimbursement of maximum 100 € per person is available. Deadline for registrations is Friday, June 23 noon Brussels time (CET). Please provide a short description of how and where you work with communications in the comments when you apply. Further information regarding the venue and other locations will be sent in due course.  


Friday - Digital communications and social media 17:00 Welcome 17.15 Brief round of introductions 17.30 Making a difference: success stories in liberal digital communications 18.00 Growing your social media channels 18.45 Best practice from European liberals on Social Media 19:30 Open discussion: exchange good practice 20:30 Dinner Saturday - Theoretic part and hands on 9:00 Get your message out! Hands on training in emotional communication 10:30 Coffee Break 11:00 Rhetorical Training I for interviews or debates 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Rhetorical Training II 15:30 Coffee Break 16:00 How to win a debate: Practical Debate training 18:00 Final discussion and wrap-up of seminar 20:00 Farewell dinner