Hungary adopts 'fetal heartbeat' abortion law

A new bill in Hungary will make it more difficult for women to access safe abortions.
Women seeking abortions will be forced to listen to the fetal "heartbeat" going through with the procedure.

Doctors and reproductive rights researchers have also pointed out that the sound of a "fetal heartbeat" is misleading - the heart is not yet developed and the sound comes long before limbs grow and brain activity begins. The law will come into force on 15 September.

LYMEC does not accept this and the EU should not either, all member states should ensure that women with unwanted pregnancies have access to safe abortion and not setting up further hurdles. LYMEC also rejects compulsory counselling for requested abortions: they should be available, but not compulsory.

Institutions have to ensure that all abortion counselling is impartial and factual, regardless of the counsel's personal morals and/or beliefs. The step that Hungary has taken is a worrying step in the wrong direction.

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