IMS Delegate Elections 2023

New year means new elections for our LYMEC IMS delegates!

Since the Spring Congress is approaching and the new year has started, we hereby announce the yearly elections to be held on 3-6 February 2023 to elect the IMS delegates for 2023. We hereby open the call for candidacies for the 3 positions available.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, 24 January 2023 at 10h00 CET (Brussels time). To apply, please send the following materials to [email protected] AND [email protected]:

  • A motivation letter (pdf file)
  • Your CV (pdf file)
  • A picture (minimum 300*300 pixels) for the website 
  • A short (max 50 words) motivation for the website
    NB: The CVs will be available on the LYMEC website for the duration of the elections, so please refrain from including personal data such as address, phone number etc.

All candidates will be presented on an election website that will open by 26 January 2023. The candidacies will also be presented in an email to all individual members, and an online debate between candidates will take place the days before the elections (exact date will be defined after the deadline for candidacies). Candidates can also engage in online campaigning on social media through their own channels if they wish to do so. 

The tasks and duties of the IMS delegates are to represent the Individual Members at the statutory meetings of LYMEC (Congresses), to coordinate the IMS input at these meetings: resolutions, motions and amendments, and to liaise with the Steering Committee.

Please keep in mind that being an IMS delegate is a serious commitment and you will have responsibilities. There are two Congresses in the mandate, we strongly encourage people to only apply if you certainly can attend these Congresses (the Spring Congress will be taking place between 5-7 May 2023 in Budapest while the Autumn Congress probably between 3-5 or 10-12 November 2023 in a location TBC). Please double-check your duties in our IMS Internal Rules.

The elections will run from Friday, 3 February 10 h 00 CET until Monday, 6 February 10 h 00 CET (Brussels time). The results will be announced shortly after the end of the elections.

The elections will be conducted online, in accordance with the statutes of the organisation. A separate email with instructions regarding the voting will be sent in due time to voting individual members. All Individual Members who have paid their membership fee by Monday, 9 January 2023 are eligible to run and vote in the elections. If you are unsure about the status of your membership, contact the Secretary General ([email protected]).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Secretary General, or one of the out-going delegates Christine, Felix or Tim at ([email protected])


Timeline for the elections

Monday 9 January: Call for applications

Tuesday 24 January: Deadline for applications

Thursday 26 January: Announcement of candidates, launch of election website and planning of the electoral debate

3-6 February: Online elections


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