Meet the candidates for IMS Steering Committee and IMS Delegate 2022

Meet the Candidates!


IMS Steering Committee

According to our statutes, the Steering Committee for the IMS has to be elected in the Spring after the Bureau elections. The Steering Committee has three members: one appointed Bureau member and two elected Individual Members.

Ahmed Mehmedov

Eng. Ahmed Mehmedov
Born on 4 may 1991 in Sevlievo.
Currently holds the post of deputy mayor in the town of Sevlievo, Bulgaria
Graduated a bachelor degree in Automation engineering and a master degree in Innovation and investment industrial management from Technical University Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Ahmed is interested in European politics and has supported and followed liberal politics in Bulgaria since university. 

Cover letter and CV are also available!


Clara Puig de Torres-Solanot

'Two years ago, I joined the LYMEC family as its Administrative Assistant. A family where young people are formed, supported, and encouraged to create positive change. I know and love this organisation and I want to put my experience in LYMEC and other international organisations to our community’s service.'

Cover letter and CV are also available!


IMS Delegate

Since one of the IMS Delegates elected in January resigned from her role, we hereby announce the partial elections to be held on 24-27 June 2022 to elect one IMS delegate who will work together with Tim Robinson and Felix Schulz (LYMEC IMS Delegates) for 2022.

Khrystyna Khomyk

'Voices of individuals are not less important than the voices of groups. Everyone should be heart; therefore, my mission is to inform and empower.'

Cover letter and CV are also available!