From Thursday 17 of March to Sunday 20 of March the Individual Members of LYMEC will select the three delegates that will represent them in 2016, both in the in the Vienna Electonal Congress (Spring) and in our Tallinn 40th Anniversary Congress (Fall).

We have received six applications coming from six different countries.

The results will be announced Monday, 21st of March.

Davide Maramotti


I have chosen to apply for this election, because I strongly believe in liberal, liberist and libertarian values. Very important for me is also the possibility to collaborate with my peers in Europe to strengthen the liberal component within our states.
I would very much like to spend my time as a Lymec IMS delegate. This would give me a chance to deepen my European and Liberal knowledge in the inspiring, creative, and cosmopolite environment of the most important Liberal Youth organization in Europe.

Jorge Jesus



During my time as IMS Delegate, I would like to focus on thee key points:
1. Engagement: as IMS Delegate I will seek to introduce a greater level of engagement with our individual members.
2. Promotion: I will seek to promote liberalism and LYMEC across the EU’s member states.
3. Enlargement: LYMEC’s IMS has a large amount of untapped potential which it could put to good use in the EU’s immediate neighbourhood.

Friso Bonga



As IMS Delegate I will strive for closer cooperation between liberals from all over Europe – and maybe even further – to learn from each other so we become better trained and more effective advocates of liberty.

With your support I will:

  • Grow the diverse IMS network and improve structural cooperation
  • Increase the impact of individual members on LYMEC policy

Together we we can make great progress supporting freedom: of choice, of expression and of enterprise!

Antoaneta Asenova



Given my highly humanitarian understanding and my already formed Liberal mindset, I am more interested than ever in becoming part of the LYMEC team as an IMS delegate. This opportunity will provide me with a chance to become part of the Liberal decision making process, to discuss and exchange opinions with people sharing the same Liberal views and values.

I believe that I am a devoted, hard-working person with good team – working skills and I would be honored to join the work of the LYMEC team and contribute to it as much as possible. I would be extremely grateful if you give me a chance to put my training and personal convictions effectively in practice.

Benedikt Bente



I would very much enjoy to be one of your delegates again next year, to represent you at the upcoming LYMEC congresses and events and to continue the good work with all of you. If I had to set certain goals for 2016 I would name three things: to have even more people participate in the pre-congress discussions, to grow the IMS as a whole and to rally for it more effectively, and to work closer not only with the board, but also with the ALDE party and especially their individual member section.

I was honoured to be your delegate in 2015 and I am asking you to vote for me again in 2016.

Edgaras Mascinkas


I want to focus on 3 key areas:

1) Strengthen: As an IMS delegate I want to strengthen the voice and visibility of Individual Members, eg, by having a social media campaign and building on success stories to broaden the IMS.

2) Enhance: I want to promote IMS as a core feature of LYMEC. I can do this by engaging with the Bureau in organization of events, but also by linking Individual Members and MOs.

3) Empower: I want to empower you, Individual Members. I can do this by closely working with the Bureau and organizing online trainings and discussion boards.

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