Individuals Section 3

The Potential

The dialogue with civil society becomes more and more important for corporate and public decision making. The more influence multinationals and transnational institutions gain the more they depend on external expertise in order to find appropriate solutions for complex problems. The European Commission for instance engages external proficiency to carry out “Impact Assessments” in order to judge major impacts of complex decisions throughout the European Union.

These trends put LYMEC in quite a similar situation as the political challenges that Europe faces in future will require more than separate part solutions on the national level. The Individual Members Section is the key element for LYMEC to profit from the experience and knowledge of people from many different backgrounds. Furthermore these people will share the experiences they gained in LYMEC with others in civil society and thus spread liberal ideas and publicity for LYMEC. The IMS must be attractive to people who cannot rely on being integrated into LYMEC by a national party.