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October 29 2021 - October 31 2021

JD Summer Academy

October 29, 2021 at 10:00am - October 31, 2021

JD Summer Academy

Invitation for funded seminar: ’Let’s get digital – Our liberal vision for Europe’s digital

Jonge Democraten, Renew Europe and LYMEC will work together to
organise a funded in-person seminar themed ‘’Let’s get digital – Our liberal vision for
Europe’s digital future”. The event, held on 29-31 October in nearby The Hague, the
Netherlands, will explore all of the thorny issues within the complex theme of
digitalisation and will look to create a collaborative action plan stating how we as the
youth want the digital transition to take shape.
There will be an immersive programme – panels, speakers, training sessions, and
networking – to draw attention to a critical policy theme that needs more attention.
That is, the need for a stronger and more present European Union in the digital space. It
also will touch upon the deeper strategic questions, i.e. the need for European strategic
autonomy and economic security and how to deal with foreign policy questions that are
related to this: What is the role of the EU in protecting the continent’s economic
security and from powers that are not committed to the rules-based order? How do we
work better together as member states on this topic? And what is the interest of the
youth in this debate?
Not only will we discuss these important issues, this is also a chance to meet like
minded young people from all over Europe. And that for a very small price: the event,
including funding for travel expenses (up to €200) and accommodation and food, will
cost only 25 euros for the whole weekend!

Make sure to sign up via our website with the link.


The deadline for registration is the 3rd of October, but make sure to sign up quickly, because there is only a limited amount of places available!

Deadline for your registration will be 3 October.
● Your registration will be FINAL once the JD has confirmed your registration. In
order to ensure there is a diverse balance of member organizations from LYMEC
we will make a final selection for the participants based on who has registered.
● Upon confirmation of your participation, we will send you a link to pay the €25
participation fee. Once this payment is made, please communicate with us your intended travel plans as we will need to confirm this. Please DO NOT book
tickets/flights before your intended travel plans have been confirmed by the JD.
● This event will be open only to LYMEC members.
● Once you arrive in the Netherlands, we will ask all participants to do a self-test
that we will provide you, in order to minimize the spread of any possible COVID