LGBTQIA+ rights are Human rights!

FIFA does not take human rights into account, but LYMEC does! The World Cup in Qatar started this weekend. At the same time, the LYMEC congress adopted an important resolution, pointing to the fact that numerous major international sports events either have been or are held in countries with critical Human Rights conditions. The Winter Olympics in China, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Russia, or the current World Cup in Qatar are just the latest examples.

Sport events in themselves should promote intercultural understanding, encourage fair play and reduce prejudices. But they are also used by some states to promote their regime or political system as well as policies, including those violating basic human rights.

That is why LYMEC calls for FIFA to adopt a legally binding code of ethics prohibiting hosting major international sports events in states that are guilty of serious human rights violations. Furthermore, we want to see the introduction of an International Committee working closely with Human Rights Organizations in monitoring the nation chosen as host, making sure that basic human rights are continually being respected at all levels of state.

For us liberals, adhering to these principles is fundamental. We should not shy away from having this discussion, so that everyone can enjoy future sports events without the continuous feeling of guilt.

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