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June 26 2020 - June 28 2020

Online ELF Liberal climate and energy policies

June 26, 2020 at 3:00pm - June 28, 2020

Online ELF Liberal climate and energy policies

  Energising Europe: raising climate ambition and boosting energy solutions for growth As the voice of young liberals in Europe, we want to take an active part in reshaping Europe and putting the views and policies of our membership on the agenda of decision makers. We also want to contribute to the discussion on how to solve the big questions of our time. This seminar will not only provide a forum to discuss what energy solutions and which energy policy should be proposed for the future, but it will also be an opportunity for young liberals to come together and make their own policy proposals.   Due to the COVID-19 world pandemic we have to move our event initially planned in Copenhagen organised by ELF to an online event.    Friday 26 June 2020 15:00    Welcome and objective setting            Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, ELF            Dan-Aria Sucuri, Vice-President LYMEC 15:20    Is liberalism the answer to sustainability?             Marie Bjerre, MP, Venstres Denmark             Louise Grabo, Secretary General, Swedish FinTech Association Moderator: Laia Comerma, Events and Training Officer LYMEC   16:20    Short break 16:30    Interactive session – Liberal perspectives on the LYMEC policy book on climate and energy Ruben Henriksson, Chief assistant, FORES Climate Program 17:45    Wrap-up of the first day             Dan-Aria Sucuri, Vice-President LYMEC   END OF THE FIRST DAY   Saturday 27 June 2020 10:00    Current energy and climate policies in times of Green Deal – road to a successful policy             Daniel Mes, Member of Cabinet, Executive Vice-President Timmermans, European Commission             Alexander Klein, Former advisor for Sustainable development to the Government of Romania Moderator: August Stengaard, Board member, Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP) 11:00    Short break 11:15    Interactive session – develop your sustainability toolkit  Desiree Hoving, Moderator & science journalist 12:30    Wrap-up and conclusions Dan-Aria Sucuri, Vice-President LYMEC   END OF THE SECOND DAY   This event aims at gathering young liberals from all across our member organisations focusing on liberal solutions for energy and climate concerns. REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT. This seminar is free of charge for the participants. It will take place online on the Zoom conferencing platform. Draft programme is available above. You will be expected to attend all the sessions and you might have to work on assignments between the different days of the event.   As all LYMEC events, this seminar also applies the rules of late cancellation and no show fees: Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to the event leads to a late cancellation fee of 25 EUR, and cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the event or not attending at all leads to a no show fee of 50 EUR. Participants need to be minimum 18 years old at the start of the event. By registering for this event you agree to our updated privacy policy and understand that your personal data will be shared with the European Liberal Forum for administrative purposes. You also agree your name to appear during the online event to other participants and to a broader public during live-streamed sessions.   Events organised by European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) may be audio- and video-recorded as well as web-streamed. A photographer and/or a cameraman, contracted by LYMEC, may have access to the meeting room in order to take pictures and videos for communication and publication purposes. Videos and pictures taken by the photographer and/or cameraman, contracted by LYMEC, may also be published on the LYMEC website and on related social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). They may also be used in other media and means of communication in order to pass on information about the event and activities of LYMEC. The European Liberal Forum might also use the pictures, video or audio in their communications. ***Disclaimer: By registering for this event you give your permission for LYMEC and European Liberal Forum to use your picture in their promotional campaigns and materials and communication about the event. Please make clear in advance if you do not wish your picture to be used by LYMEC or ELF.***