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June 10 2022 - June 12 2022

Liberal Communicators Network - Youth Edition 2022

June 10, 2022 at 2:00pm - June 12, 2022

Liberal Communicators Network - Youth Edition 2022

This event is set to take place in Helsinki, Finland between 10-12 June 2022. 

This event is organised exclusively for young liberals working with communications in a member organisation of LYMEC or ELF. In order to strengthen these liberal organisations, the participants will receive professional training, learn from each other by exchanging best practices, and create a network for future cooperation and peer support.

We would like to support young liberal communicators in developing their skills, capabilities and network. Ensure that despite limited access to skills, human and financial resources or sufficient training - they get the chance to improve themselves and their organisations. 

This event aims to especially focus on those member organisations that are in the most need of professional training and peer support. Member organisations that struggle with communications in one way or another will be taken into special consideration when selecting the participants for the event.


The main objectives: 

  • Provide participants with concrete tools and skills 
  • Participants to act as multipliers in their organisations 
  • Strengthen communication strategies and the professional use of social media channels 
  • Create a European Network of liberal communicators for peer support, networking and discussions 

Participants will be further able to take part in: 

  • Contest selecting the participants for an ELF masterclass of the Liberal Communicators Network in Autumn 2022 
  • Join the ELF Liberal Communicators Network and its youth division  


  • Please complete the following form available here before Tuesday 3 May, 2022 at 14 h CEST (Brussels time). 
  • The applicant must be between 18 and 35 years of age
  • The applicant must be a young liberal communicator in LYMEC or ELF
  • Applicants cannot be candidates at elections (at any level of governance) before, during and 12 months after the last YCA events take place. The European Liberal Forum does not accept any participant who is a candidate for an election with a scheduled election date falling between the start of the skill training and the final day of the programme. Should a participant in the programme take part in an election with a scheduled election date falling within 12 months after the final day of the programme, as a candidate or as paid campaign staff, the participant or participant's sending party agrees to pay a participation fee (representing a contribution relative to the services rendered by ELF). Should the participant run as an independent candidate, the participant agrees to pay the fee according to the country's campaign finance regulation.
  • Staff or officials (in elected or administrative functions) of political parties participating in a skill training are subject to a participation fee (representing a contribution relative to the services rendered by ELF).

Travel reimbursement and no participation fee: 

There will be no participation costs, meals and accommodation will be covered.

There will be at least partial travel refunds up to 200 euros per person, participants must buy their own tickets and request a reimbursement after the event. Please keep all original receipts, tickets, invoices and boarding passes.

As all LYMEC related events, this seminar also applies the rules of late cancellation and no show fees: Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to each event leads to a late cancellation fee of 25 EUR, and cancellation less than 48 hours prior to each event or not attending at all leads to a no show fee of 50 EUR.

Participants need to be minimum 18 years old at the start of the event. By registering for this event you agree to our updated privacy policy and understand that your personal data will be shared with the European Liberal Forum for administrative purposes. You also agree your name to appear during the online event to other participants and to a broader public during live-streamed sessions.

Events organised by European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and ELF (European Liberal Forum) may be audio- and video-recorded as well as web-streamed. A photographer and/or a cameraman, contracted by LYMEC, may have access to the meeting room in order to take pictures and videos for communication and publication purposes. Videos and pictures taken by the photographer and/or cameraman, contracted by LYMEC, may also be published on the LYMEC website and on related social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). They may also be used in other media and means of communication in order to pass on information about the event and activities of LYMEC. The European Liberal Forum might also use the pictures, video or audio in their communications.

***Disclaimer: By registering for this event you give your permission for LYMEC and European Liberal Forum to use your picture in their promotional campaigns and materials and communication about the event. Please make it clear in advance if you do not wish your picture to be used by LYMEC or ELF.***