Liberal solutions for a Digital Europe

The ELF Event ‘Liberal Hack 2022 was held in Vienna from 28 to 30 October 2022 with the aim of coming up with concrete liberal policies which could benefit the digitalisation of the European Union as a whole.

A hackathon with four teams of young liberals from all over Europe discussed proposals for a safe, liberal and digitised environment in Europe, focusing on four key technologies that will potentially bring a significant social transformation: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As the voice of young liberals in Europe, LYMEC wants to take an active part in shaping Europe’s future in the sphere of digital politics, a topic that is of special relevance and interest to our generation. With the rapid spread of disruptive technologies, we have to come up with an inclusive and innovative strategy that leaves no one behind, protects our data and privacy, while preserving global communication. We want to create a roadmap for this strategy with the final goal of having the EU as a global digital power.

If you are interested about the digital solutions our 4 teams came up with, you can download them here!

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