Liberal solutions for a Sustainable Europe

The ELF Event ‘Liberal Hack 2023 was held in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, from 16 to 18 June 2023 with the aim of coming up with concrete liberal policies which could contribute to making Europe the first climate-neutral continent
and making the EU energy independent from other countries.

A Hackathon with four teams of young liberals from all over Europe discussed proposals on the following subtopics: Renewable and Nuclear Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Circular economy, and Tackling Deforestation.

The European Union has set the goal of being climate-neutral and
energy independent. This is a long process, and youth involvement is the key. Young liberals have many ideas for a greener and more sustainable future for Europe. For this reason, we hope to take a more active part in shaping Europe’s future in environment and energy, a topic that is of crucial importance for us and for future generations. 

This booklet provides policy proposals developed before, during, and after the event, their potential effects on the fields that they are oriented toward, and tips and advice for better preparation for the future.

If you are interested about the sustainable policies our four teams came up with, you can download them here!

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