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Written by Adrian Kokk, member of the Libertas Editorial Team   On a continent once again riddled with war, the economies of Europe are fighting a challenging battle against ravaging inflation rates. Even though the problem of high inflation is currentl...

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September 22 2022

Written by Felix Schulx, Libertas Editor in Chief   Today, three months ago a young man died near Izyum, in the east of Ukraine. He was fighting for the Ukrainian army and against the Russian invaders. His name was Roman Ratushnyi - a 24-year-old Ukrain...

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September 09 2022

Written by Mattei Marina, Member of Liberal Youth of Sweden (LUF)   Sweden goes to the polls on September 11th. Much like the previous election in 2018, it is unclear which of the two blocs will win. In the last years, the choice has been a red-green co...

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September 08 2022

Written by Margaux Carron, member of Libertas Editorial Team   At the end of 2019 the European Union (EU) passed a regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard. The Swiss government supported this regulation in October 2021. Following this decision...

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August 30 2022

Written by Lovis Lindquist, member of Libertas Editorial Team   In 2008, Spain was hit by a devastating scandal - it was discovered that around 300 000 children had been stolen from their parents during the Franco regime (1939-1975).  The parents of the...

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August 22 2022

Written by Martí Serra Figarola, member of Libertas Editorial Team   After two years of elaboration, the European Strategic Compass (ESC) was approved during the french presidency of the Council of the European Union. This document was meant to substitu...

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August 16 2022