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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and in recognition of that, we at Libertas asked our readers to participate in our Humanising Mental Health Challenge. Asking them to contribute to a discussion with short letters reflecting on their experience...

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May 16 2024

Ukraine.  Although this country's name rhymes perfectly with the word "rain," this country finds itself in nothing short of a storm. Think of any analogies you like: a sumptuous cheese fighting black mould, a healthy pair of lungs fighting back a virus ...

posted on

May 14 2024

Let’s talk about bipartisanship. This is a political scenario whereby only two political parties share power - succeeding each other in electoral victory and assuming the role of national government and opposition alternatingly. It was born after the Fr...

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May 03 2024

The murmuring is slowly fading out. As the sunshine disappears, blue and white globes hanging from the roof of Open VLD headquarters start lighting up. Delegates are taking their places, phones and laptops are ready for voting, and the first speaker com...

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April 16 2024

On November 19 2023, the Argentinian voted to depart from the socialist governance of recent administrations and elected the libertarian MP (and former TV star) Javier Milei as President. A brash outsider and a controversial figure, Milei conducted his ...

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April 05 2024

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes   The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has released a report that paints a grim picture for the year 2023 as the deadliest year for migrants navigating the Mediterranean route since 2018. Despite the risks...

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March 15 2024