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Written by Felix Sebastian Schulz, Libertas Editor in Chief   A week ago, the British government announced that it would send the Challenger 2 main battle tank to Ukraine. The tank serves to assist the Ukrainian military in retaking territory held by th...

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January 20 2023

Written by Valentin Calfa, LYMEC Individual Member   On 8 December 2022, the EU Interior Ministers voted in favor of Croatia joining Schengen. At the same time, they also voted on the accession of Romania and Bulgaria as a two-in-one deal. While all the...

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January 11 2023

Written by Adrian Kokk, member of the Libertas Editorial Team   In November 2022, millions of Americans headed to the polls to take part in a rather disparate democratic exercise colloquially known as the ”Midterm Elections”. As part of this, US citizen...

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January 05 2023

Written by Adam Volf, LYMEC Individual Member   Like any football aficionado, I adore the World Cup. For Europeans, as the continent takes on increasing elements of a common identity, football remains an avenue for national self-expression - to celebrat...

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December 09 2022

Written by Theodoros Sofianos, Member of the Libertas Editorial team   This opinion piece aims to look through a liberal lens at the heated discourse on the establishment of a police force called the "College Police" across Greek College campuses. This ...

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December 01 2022

Written by Felix Sebastian Schulz, Libertas Editor in Chief   Last weekend, LYMEC held its Autumn Congress in Bucharest with around 150 delegates participating in-person. After the Spring Congress, where LYMEC elected its new board members, it was the f...

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November 23 2022