past events

March 24 2017 - March 26 2017

LYMEC at the March for Europe in Rome

March 24, 2017 at 12:00am - March 26, 2017

LYMEC at the March for Europe in Rome

The 25th of March 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the treaty that established the European Economic Community (the EU's predecessor). An extraordinary European Council will be held in Rome on that day to commemorate the signing of the Treaty. The Union of European Federalists, the Young European Federalists, The Spinelli Group and Stand Up for Europe call upon European citizens to gather in Rome on 25th March in a “March for Europe” to show their support for the European project and to urge call for a relaunch of European political unity. LYMEC has decided to answer this call and arrange for a delegation to participate in the March for Europe. The delegation will participate in the "Europe Calling" convention on re-building vision, re-gaining trust and re-launching unity on Saturday morning, 25 March and participate in the March for Europe right after the convention. Participants are expected to arrive in Rome on Friday and leave Saturday evening or Sunday. LYMEC will organise hostel accommodation (Friday-Sunday) for the participants and offers a travel reimbursement of maximum 100 € / person. Delegates will be chosen on a first come, first served basis, one per member organisation, and are expected to organise their travels themselves. Please do not book your travels before getting a confirmation from the office! Please note that participants should sign up for the convention separately, more information will be given after the confirmation. Participation in the convention AND march is mandatory in order to be eligible for a travel refund. LYMEC views the European Union as a positive political force that has brought peace and stability to our continent and allowed Europeans to progress and develop in the spirit of tolerance and cooperation. Our aim is to reform and deepen the European Union in order to strengthen democracy, transparency and political participation on the European level. The period of economic crisis in Europe shifted the focus of the political sphere from future development to debate about the causes of the crisis and current reduction of debt. LYMEC urges the Union to change the perspective and create far-sighted policies aiming at the establishment of an environment that creates opportunities for the young citizens of Europe to live, work and grow.   Please note that you have to be logged in to register. Deadline for applications is Thursday, 23 February. Confirmations will be sent on Friday, February 24th the latest. Do not book your travels before your participation has been confirmed by the LYMEC office.