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April 05 2018 - April 06 2018

LYMEC presents: ELF seminar "Liberalism for Europe - a Liberal Fightback"

April 05, 2018 at 4:30pm - April 06, 2018

LYMEC presents: ELF seminar "Liberalism for Europe - a Liberal Fightback"

That polls go up and down in politics is not unheard off but is part of the given in politics. However, when low polls are turned into a low voter turnout and ultimately not making it into parliament, the problems starts. Either you fight back, stronger and better or vanish for good. This ELF seminar will focus on the story of the liberal fight back and how young liberals from all over Europe can learn from and be empowered by the experience of in particular the FDP. The seminar, organised by European Liberal Forum with the support of LYMEC, is preceding the LYMEC Spring Congress. On Thursday evening we are invited to join JuLis Berlin for a Cultural Evening at FDP Berlin's office. Draft programme:

16:30 Opening of Seminar
17:00 From ground zero to success - the rebranding of FDP and D66
19:00 Closing day one
19:45 Leaving Hotel for Cultural Evening
20:30 Cultural Evening, JuLis of Berlin welcomes LYMEC
09:30 Winning with limited resources – Grassroot campaigning and creative solutions
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Old but not old fashioned – What we can learn from new parties and movements
12:30 Closing
13:00 Lunch

  The fee for congress and seminar, including accommodation Thursday-Sunday and meals, is 140 euro. The application deadline will be on 16th of February, 23:59 CET. Applications are to be submitted through the registration form. You have to be logged in to register. Member organisations should clearly indicate the order of preference (priority) of the delegates if they register two. Please note that there are limited spaces for the seminar, and we can only guarantee one representative per organisation. We are therefore also only accepting a maximum of two registrations per member organisation. LYMEC reserves the right to charge a late cancellation fee (up to € 75) for all cancellations made later than 2 weeks ahead of congress. Thus, any cancellation after Friday the 23rd of March is subject to a fee. Moreover, LYMEC charges a no-show fee (€ 100) for no-shows and cancellations later than 48 hours prior to the event. Any late cancellations and no shows are potentially occupying the spots for people on the waiting list and are a financial burden for LYMEC. Please note that the accommodation will be in twin/double rooms. If you have a preferred roommate, please let us know when registering (there is a section for comments in the registrations form). Please also note that there is a separate registration for the congress!