LYMEC4EU Communications Meeting in Sofia

We are ready to shape the liberal narrative in the EU Election of 2024!

On the first day of the #LYMEC4EU Communications Meeting at the MRF HQ in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, we were welcomed by ALDE Party Co-President and LIF's Executive Director. ALDE Sec. Gen. and 2024 Campaign director Didrik de Schaetzen led discussions on political communication and campaigning strategies.

The second day was equally enriching when Stanimir Ilchev shared campaign wisdom, and Tsvetelina Panchelieva unraveled the power of storytelling. We conducted sessions on reporting political events on social media with and the role of the editor in news production with Slavka Bozukova and Lyubomira Budakova. A workshop on verifying and fact-checking information by MRF member Taner Kabilov enhanced our ability to discern truth in a digital age.

The sessions were enlightening, delving into the realms of political communication, campaigning, storytelling, news production and meme culture. An opportunity like this, to network with fellow young liberals and seasoned professionals is invaluable and broadens our perspectives.

Thank you to all our partners, speakers and participants! Armed with new skills, fresh ideas, and a network of like-minded individuals, we are ready for the EU Election of 2024. 

Here's to a future of impactful liberal communication!

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February 03 2024

Digital Assembly 2024-I

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