LYMEC4EU Manifesto Challenge

A Libertas Article Competition

About the competition

Ahead of the EU2024 elections, LYMEC have proposed to mobilise the Libertas publication more. While Libertas has always accepted article submissions from all LYMEC members who may be interested, LYMEC is keen to try out a new mode for publishing article submissions that focus on the elections - and the issues covered within our youth party platform campaign.

To ensure continuous coverage which features the key policies within the LYMEC4EU Manifesto, we are therefore launching an open call for article submissions so that LYMEC members (or liberal-minded sympathisers) can have the chance to submit and have their article published on one of the following 10 LYMEC4EU Manifesto Pledges:


  • Globalising democracy and freedom: Ukraine must win! 
  • Creating economic growth through free and fair trade worldwide 
  • Saving our future by fighting the climate and energy crisis 
  • Solving the migration crisis through solidarity, reliability and fairness 
  • Increasing security and defence capabilities through close cooperation 
  • Promoting upward social mobility by tackling youth unemployment 
  • Expanding the potential of the single market through harmonised competition
  • Defending our democracy, rule of law and human rights
  • Creating innovation and defending civil liberties in the digital age 
  • Fixing EUr future: Institutional reform and enlargement of the Union 


Out of all the submissions received, 5 shortlisted articles will be published on Libertas. Out of these 5, the author of the top article will receive an invitation to an in-person LYMEC EU Elections workshop in the Spring 2024 along with a surprise LYMEC goodie bag!

Participants will be limited to a maximum of one article published, so choose wisely!


Eligibility criteria:  

To enter, send your article on one of the 10 LYMEC4EU Manifesto Pledges to [email protected] (with [email protected] AND [email protected] in cc) by 12 h 00 pm CET on 26 January 2024. Please be sure to include the following email headline “LYMEC4EU Manifesto Challenge” and submit your documents in a Word format. 

We will welcome two types of article - ‘longform’ and ‘shortform’: 

  • ‘Shortform’ articles or ‘blogs’ shall be maximum 1,000 words long. References are encouraged, but not compulsory.
  • ‘Longform’ articles shall be between 1,000 and 3,000 words (absolute maximum) long. Referencing is compulsory.

Articles that do not meet this range and policy requirements will not be considered.

After a careful review, the winners will be announced by 12 February 2024.


Writing tips:  


  • Be creative.
  • Be bold. Don’t be afraid to step outside the academic zone and try to bring a bit of zing and flair to your writing.
  • Make it convincing. This is not a three thousand word report, this should be about passion - give the audience something to think about or believe in.
  • Embrace new methods of thinking. Don’t just regurgitate what’s in the manifesto; find a convincing and innovative way to craft the policy into your own narrative.


Good luck!

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