LYMEC Bureau Elections - Meet the candidates!

The LYMEC Spring Congress 2024 is an Electoral Congress, meaning we will elect a new leadership for LYMEC! The Elections will take place during the upcoming Congress, taking place in Brussels on 22 to 24 March 2024!

The Bureau consists of:

  • The President;
  • The Vice-President; 
  • The Treasurer; 
  • Four Bureau members.

Besides, the Spring Congress in Brussels will also elect: 

  • two Internal Auditors and their substitutes;
  • the LYMEC representative to IFLRY’s Bureau. 


Please find below the candidates:





Ines Holzegger

In times like these we must be vocal, fight for our liberal values, and shape the decisions made for our future. I want us to be involved in EU policymaking and advocate our ideas to the decisionmakers. I am determined to give our policies a strong voice. Let's work together for a better, more liberal Europe!

VICE-PRESIDENT (1 position to be elected)

Alexandre Servais

633 days ago, you elected me as your Events & Projects Officer. Since then, I’ve had the chance to be a part of an incredible team, delivering on many projects.
Thinking back on this, I have come to one conclusion : I still have more to offer.

Ellinor Juth

After two years as Communications Officer I'm ready to contribute my skills and vision as Vice President. With extensive experience in political advocacy and organisational management, I am prepared to shoulder responsibility as  Vice President and work to strengthen our organisation. Together we can shape impactful liberal policies in Europe and foster diversity and equality in LYMEC and beyond.


Marten Porte

With European elections coming up, there is therefore much at stake for LYMEC. We should not only do our utmost best that liberals will get the best possible results, with as many young MEPs as possible, we should also make sure that LYMEC can weather any storm that comes our way by making sure that we have a diverse range of funding.

BUREAU MEMBERS (4 positions to be elected)

Dimitra Papadopoulou

I aim to nurture LYMEC as an inclusive ecosystem, focusing on skill-based seminars, connections for financial growth, and a robust communication strategy to elevate liberal voices in the media. With a background in political communication, I'm committed to strategically enhancing LYMEC's influence and impact across Europe. Because when I believe in something, I will give it my all to make it the best version of itself.

Konstantsa Gyurova

My motivation to run for a Bureau Member of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) is my belief in our potential as well as LYMEC's capacity to make a difference for Europe.

Markéta Plesníková

Embark on an exhilarating and transformative journey to elevate LYMEC into a liberal haven! Weaving tales of resilience, innovation, and dedication, I specialize in infusing fun into formalities, turning education into a delightful adventure. Picture a vibrant lovebrand attracting bright minds with captivating stories and legendary policies. Join me in shaping a harmonious space where ideas flourish, boundaries fade, and the liberal spirit thrives.

Mateusz Gwóźdź

Support for Ukraine, preservation of the rule of law and fighting populism - these are three main pillars of my candidacy for LYMEC Bureau. In 2023, in the example of Poland we have seen that if firmly opposed, the far-right can be defeated. Now let’s take it one step further and force it out of Europe, once and for all!

Sean Bennett

Together, LYMEC represents incredible possibilities for change and betterment in our communities. However, the next two years will be full of challenges for liberalism. I would like to devote my time and skills to helping to lead LYMEC and its MOs through those challenges, collectively. That is why I am standing to join the LYMEC Bureau.

Sorcha Ní Chonghaile

I am running for the bureau because LYMEC holds an important place in my heart having been the organisation which helped me to become who I am today. Given how much LYMEC has given to me, I feel it is now the perfect time to give something back to help the organisation continue its work to change and revitalise Europe. I have a lot of organisational experiences to bring to the table which will provide a strong support to the bureau over the next two years.

Tim Robinson

Tim is a dual British-Bosnian citizen, and was a LYMEC Individual Member’s delegate for 3 years. During his time as a delegate, Tim led 2 policy working groups, and has served on LYMEC’s ALDE Party Congress delegation for 3 years. Outside of politics, Tim works in consulting for the public sector, and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Willemijn Krans

I am excited to run for LYMEC Bureau Member. In the past four years I have seen what impact we can have as European liberal youth. I want to increase this further through an enhanced policy plan and an increased advocacy ambition whilst ensuring representation of all our members.


Alex Nilsson

Establishing accessibility and trust between members, member organizations, and the bureau is crucial for fostering transparency and accountability within LYMEC. By ensuring open lines of communication and promoting a culture of trust, we can strengthen collaboration and enhance the effectiveness of the organization's operations.

Baptiste Martinez

Promoting transparency and accountability within LYMEC means establishing accessibility and trust between its members, member organizations and the office. By cultivating open lines of communication and nurturing a culture of trust, we can strengthen collaboration and optimize organizational effectiveness. Based on my experience, I have the skills required to diligently evaluate LYMEC's financial records and procedures.

Christopher Jefferies

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Internal Auditor position at LYMEC. My academic background includes skills in economics, budgeting, accounting, and business analytics. My experience leading a mental health project in Zambia highlighted my financial management skills. I am eager to bring my unique combination of education and experience to contribute as an Internal Auditor at LYMEC.

Petrine Louise Johannesen

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Internal Auditor position at LYMEC. My academic background includes skills in economics, budgeting, accounting, and business analytics. My experience leading a mental health project in Zambia highlighted my financial management skills. I am eager to bring my unique combination of education and experience to contribute as an Internal Auditor at LYMEC.


Ioana Abaseaca

I will make sure that the LYMEC policies are heard in IFLRY, especially on topics that we prioritize and in need of an intervention. In general, European MOs do a very good job on creating policies in IFLRY and defending our resolutions. My task would be a complementary voice to what the MOs are doing and also making our LYMEC policies known and heard.





LYMEC is fully committed to the integrity of these Bureau elections. We therefore strongly condemn any political or personal disinformation action or campaign targeting any of the candidates and their respective organisations. We strongly advise our members to actively engage with the different candidates presented on this page and vote based on their ideas and programmes for the organisation. We will also organise a pre-Congress debate to facilitate this process!

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