LYMEC welcomes the latest enlargement developments

As the youth wing of the ALDE Party and a proud champion of an enlarged European Union, LYMEC welcomes today's decision by the European Commission proposing the opening of accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.

With both countries staring down the barrel of Russian aggression and misinformation efforts, LYMEC has long held that their security is of the utmost importance to safeguarding human rights, international law and democracy on the European continent. While the process is not finalised until EU leaders agree to these guidelines during their December summit, LYMEC echoes the requests made by our liberal partners in Renew Europe and the ALDE Party, calling for them to adopt the Commission's proposal.

Through our Voices from Ukraine event and our Policy Debate series, LYMEC has recently discussed the issue of enlargement in multiple contexts: from Ukraine and Moldova to the Western Balkans. At every juncture, our members have made clear our desire to see Ukraine and Moldova admitted within the EU as full members, sharing that they have a European destiny. With both countries making considerable progress on implementing the necessary reforms for accession, we believe this development is only just.

Adding to this, LYMEC is also pleased to see that the European Commission and its senior officials have also granted candidate status to Georgia, a country that, despite having a pro-Russian government, has a strong, democratic civil society intent on countering corruption and securing stronger ties with the Euro-Atlantic community. LYMEC is also pleased that the Western Balkans was not forgotten in this announcement and that the nudge towards Bosnia and Herzegovina signals a revitalised effort by the EU to help the country on its path to implementing the reforms needed to advance on its accession journey.

In short, LYMEC applauds this merit-based assessment and hopes it marks a turning point towards a more resilient, open and enlarged European political family, inclusive of states like Ukraine and Moldova along with the broader Western Balkans.

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