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March 20 2015 - March 22 2015

LYMEC/ELF Workshop - Tackling regional disparities

March 20, 2015 at 4:00pm - March 22, 2015

LYMEC/ELF Workshop - Tackling regional disparities

Tackling regional disparities in the EU
through growth
The European Liberal Forum is organizing an event with the support of LYMEC, in cooperation with Projekt: Polska, Institute Novum, Haya van Someren Stichting/VVD International and with the financial support of the European Parliament in late March.
The goal of this event will be to assess the problems and opportunities arising from regional disparities, and how to allow a harmonious growth throughout the European Union in the context of global challenges, such as free trade agreements with other parts of the world, technological developments and economic shifts like de-industrialization.
Participants of the Warsaw seminar should apply with a text of at least five thousand characters on one of two topics:
·         Regional disparities: facts, problems and solutions
·        Getting back to growth: clues for Europe in a global economy
Send your text to [email protected] and fill in the short online form
There are no participation fees. Participants will have food and accommodation costs covered during the seminar and will receive travel reimbursements of up to 150 euros above the first 50 euros of travel costs. Furthermore, the authors of the ten best texts will receive an additional 100 euros prize, regardless of travel costs.
The ten best texts (five per topic) will be published in a book.