Meet our young liberal candidates - four weeks to go

Meet: Matej Grah

His priorities are advocating for the youth, agriculture, prosperity of rural areas and smart green transition, specifically innovation and technology. He is the current President of Gibanje Svoboda Mladi, the youth of his party. From Slovenia, Matej holds the second candidate spot on the list of Gibanje Svoboda, the governing party in the country.

Meet: Laura Hidalgo

For more than two years now, Laura from Belgium serves as the President of Jeunes MR Belgium. Her priorities are a stronger Europe in the world, a Green Europe and a Europe empowering people with the skills necessary for a new generation of technologies. Laura holds the fourth candidate spot on the list of Mouvement Réformateur, one of the governing parties in the country. 

Meet: Viesturs Romka

He is a board member of the Latvian social-liberal political party Movement “For!” and the Chairman of the board of the party’s youth wing “For Youth!”. His key priority in the European elections is to represent the interests and views of European and Latvian youth on the European political stage. While campaigning, he will also stand strongly for strengthening Ukraine’s defence to ensure Ukrainian victory in the war and future membership of the country in the EU. Viesturs holds the sixth candidate spot on the list of Kustiba Par!/Movement For!. 



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