Meet our young liberal candidates - two weeks to go

Meet: Sigrid Friis

Lead candidate for the Danish Social Liberal Party - Radikale Venstre, Sigrid has a strong history of political activism behind her. Passionate about halting the import of Russian oil and gas, advocating for sustainable agriculture, and promoting a Europe where everyone can live authentically, Sigrid is committed to driving meaningful change. She envisions a future where Europe is not reliant on energy sources from autocrats, embraces sustainable agricultural practices for a greener tomorrow, and stands as a beacon of freedom and authenticity for all its citizens. 


Meet: Evelin Hornyák

Passionate about championing the Green Deal, protecting minority rights, and strengthening democracy, Evelin is proud to represent Momentum in the upcoming elections. Her unwavering commitment is to foster a greener, more inclusive Europe, where diversity is not only celebrated but actively protected, and where democratic values are upheld and strengthened in the face of rising challenges. Evelin holds the tenth candidate spot of the Momentum list in Hungary. 


Meet: Daniel Ilkevic

Daniel Ilkevič is a political scientist who serves as an advisor to the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania and as the director of the Liberal Democracy Institute. He is running for the European Parliament with the slogan "More of Europe“! Daniel advocates for greater diversity in all elections and on all party lists, emphasizing the inclusion of more young people. Through his example, he consistently demonstrates that a young politician with progressive, sometimes unpopular but crucial ideas, along with dedication and energy, can achieve significant results. For Laisvės Partija in Lithuania, Daniel is holding candidate spot nine on their list for the European Elections. 


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