Meet the candidates for IMS Delegates 2023

Meet the Candidates!

IMS Delegates

We hereby announce the IMS Delegate elections to be held on 3-6 February 2023 to elect three IMS delegates who will represent the LYMEC Individual Member Section for 2023.

Riccardo Onano

  • Increasing the number of in-site and online events is essential to create a better and united community.


Felix Sebastian Schulz

  • We IMS are more active and alive than ever. Thanks to last year’s activities, we are a key pillar of LYMEC and a major contributor to relevant policy debates. With your vote, I would like to continue on this path and be again part of the IMS delegates


Tim Robinson

  • As one of your delegates for the last two years, I am immensely proud of what the IMS has been able to achieve. I am running to be a delegate for a third and final term, because I want to do more to transform the IMS’ role in LYMEC.


Fotios Kotzakioulafis


  • Fellow Europeans, I am confident about representing our interests effectively and making a real difference. Additionally, I have been working on the skills and experience needed to serve as a delegate. Your vote is your voice, your chance to shape the future towards a better, more prosperous and united Europe.


Khrystyna Khomyk

  • During the last two terms, I pushed for IMS to be heard at the
    Congresses, now it's the time to scale up and motivate other IMs to do
    the same. Therefore, my focus this term would be on the development of
    IMs skills and their preparation to step in as delegates in the


Marko Živković

  • As a committed member of LYMEC, with experience, knowledge and passion, I’ll be
    pleasant to take an active role in shaping our direction and future as a delegate at the upcoming
    congress. I am honored to have the opportunity to represent IMS and contribute to the our