Meet the Candidates for IMS Delegate 2024!

IMS Delegates

We hereby announce the IMS Delegate elections to be held on 5-8 January 2024 to elect three IMS delegates who will represent the LYMEC Individual Member Section for 2024.


Even Diot


  • As an advocate for liberal values ​​and believer in youth engagement, I seek the opportunity to serve as an IMS delegate. Committed to promoting liberal ideals, coupled with international experience, I'm confident in my ability to contribute to LYMEC's ​​mission of fostering cooperation and strengthening the network of international members.
  • Cover letter and CV are also available!


Adam Volf


  • The IMS is the engine of an integrated future European political scene, and its voice shall be heard. With your vote, I will continue the profound impact of our section on LYMEC policy – and involve our members in its discussions to the very best of my abilities.

  • Cover letter and CV are also available!


Lina Braun


  • With your vote, I would like to bring forward new policy, for instance in the fields of space and development policy, as well as enhance the engagement of the IMS. 
  • Cover letter and CV are also available!


Sorcha Ní Chonghaile


  • I have been a member of the IMS for a number of years, and have participated collaboratively with the outgoing delegation frequently. I am familiar with statutory procedures of LYMEC, and believe I have the skills, experience and drive to represent the unique voice the IMS represents with efficacy and efficiency. 
  • Cover letter and CV are also available!


Lennart Nientit


  • With a background in Political Science and International Affairs, I actively contribute to LYMEC as Chair of the Security & Cyber Working Group. As an IMS Delegate, I am eager to represent LYMEC and contributing to the organization's growth and impact.
  • Cover letter and CV are also available!