Meet the LYMEC Bureau 2022 - 2024!

President: Dan-Aria Sucuri (Sweden) 

Vice-President: Ines Holzegger (Austria) 

Treasurer: Tuuli Helind (Estonia) 

Bureau members: Laia Comerma (Catalonia, Spain), Alexandre Servais (Belgium), Ellinor Juth (Finland) and Tanzer Yuseinov (Bulgaria)


+ Secretary General: Bàlint Gyévai (Hungary/Belgium) 

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July 01 2022

Scientifically Illiterate no more

Applications are open through the following form available here before Tuesday 24 May, 2022 at 14 h CEST (Brussels time).  This event is set to tak...

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Last News

New IMS Steering Committee and IMS Delegate

Meet the new LYMEC IMS Steering Committee and IMS Delegate!   After a long round of election which were held from Friday 24 June to this Monday 27 June, we are more than happy to announce LYMEC's new IMS Steering committee and IMS Delegate! Clara Puig d...

June 29 2022

CALL TO ACTION: Our future won’t be vetoed. It’s time for Treaty change!

Joint statement Our future won’t be vetoed. It’s time for Treaty change!   Brussels, 22.06.2022 Key points: The conclusion of the Conference on the Future of Europe and Russia’s war in Ukraine make it necessary to change the EU status quo. The Europe...

June 22 2022

LYMEC Delegation accomplishments at ALDE Congress

Our LYMEC delegation under the careful guidance and direction of Marina Sedlo and Laia Comerma attended the annual ALDE Congress which took place in the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland over the first week of June.   The competent delegation worked ...

June 15 2022