Meet your 2022 IMS delegate candidates!

At the end of January, the Individual Members of LYMEC will elect their three delegates for the coming year 2022, who will represent the Individual Members Section (IMS) at the Congresses in Prague and Skopje. 

We have received 4 candidacies from 4 different countries. Here are their presentations below. 


                Christine Khomyk 

Voices of individuals are not less important than the voices of groups. Everyone should be heart; therefore, my mission is to inform and empower.

Motivation letter (Christine Khomyk)

CV (Christine Khomyk)


                 Felix Schulz 

I want to be a strong voice for all Individual Members. During my mandate I aim to lift our potential as individual members and make our positions heard within the liberal family. In order to achieve this objective, I can rely on previous experience during national and international political Congresses.

Motivation letter (Felix Schulz)

CV (Felix Schulz)


              Tim Robinson 

It’s been an absolute honour to serve as an IMS delegate, and I am as passionate about LYMEC as always. I really feel the IMS has made huge progress this year, and I’d like to continue increasing engagement and making the IMS a powerful voice at LYMEC Congresses.

Motivation letter (Tim Robinson) 

CV (Tim Robinson)



        Anamaria-Nicoleta Ciobanu

My motivation to apply for the delegate position comes from an inner desire to be an active part in maintaining and/or transforming European states into liberal actors. I have the confidence that our generation is the only one prepared to change the future. Therefore, here I am doing my part. 

Motivation letter (Anamaria-Nicoleta Ciobanu)

CV (Anamaria-Nicoleta Ciobanu)