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In politics, as eluski, must rely on established principles. Otherwise, if the self-retaining is achieved honor and respect to others. If the fight goes your chance for vocational or higher education, first home purchase, the organization of everyday life, then these are the positions from which the Centre Party Youth at any price will not go back. ADDITIONAL EDUCATION NEEDS CASH Learning lasts a lifetime. Elukooli education there is no substitute, but equally there is no substitute public school education. Therefore, it must be as high quality as possible. Currently directs the state 5.6 percent of national gross domestic product in education. We ask that the educational level of spending would be at least 8 percent, as is the case in the Nordic countries. This will ensure that teachers have higher incomes, a tool for the repair of schools and education would increase Estonia’s competitiveness in the global labor market. AVAILABLE TO HIGHER EDUCATION What do the years pass, it remains a little more free places in the universities of Estonia. Today, paying for their studies for more than half of the students. Centre Party Youth Council believes that at least 50% of student places to be paid for by the state. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION QUALITY Studying in a vocational school in terms of the young is something worse than a learning institution of higher education the young. Also, the country needs to understand this. Development of vocational education in Estonia will be paid too little attention. The State must treat young people fairly and to allocate more money for vocational schools. Grants for Youth The economic situation may not be the cause of education without exclusion. To enable young people to commit to learning, studying, and the school should not have to go work, they must be supported. Also, the government will help young families in building their first home.