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Tallinn, Tallinna linn, Estonia





Estonian Reform Party Youth connects young people who want Estonia to move on in order to maintain individual freedom of action and possibilities to develop. Our members are in the age between 15 and 35. At the moment ERPY has 3500 members and 25 local clubs over Estonia. ERPY unites both high school students as well as experienced active politicians. ERPY has always been one of the designers of Estonian future. Our members are young, active, youthful and stand for protecting the freedom of action and common sense. One of our missions is to contribute to the principles and objectives of the Estonian Reform Party. We stand strongly for a liberal social order, where the individuals can be free in their choices and decisions. We value the importance of the right to choose your own future, while being willing to take responsibility for your actions. ERPY believes in the importance of our common values and the belief of freedom. Today the society needs people who are leading, active and level-headed. Only free people can be successful, with an active rhytm of life and balance in their decisionmaking. That is the reason why our primary value is freedom and our policies are aimed to ensure it and give people more choices and responsibilities with it. ERPY has a strong representation in the Estonian political life. Our member Keit Pentus is the Minister of Environment and Taavi Rõivas is the Minister of Social Affairs. Also since 2011 we have members in the Estonian parliament – Lauri Luik, Arto Aas, Remo Holsmer, Kristen Michal and Kalle Palling. And of course we are represented in the board of the Estonian Reform Party by Taavi Rõivas, Arto Aas and Keit Pentus.