Civil Forum

Address or City (Public information)

Minsk, Belarus





Belarusian Liberal Youth Organization ‘Civil Forum’ is the pro-democratic youth organization acting on the territory of Belarus which is based on liberal values. It was created in 1996 and is considered to be one of the oldest democratic youth NGOs in Belarus and the only one from them which managed to keep its legal status in the country. The main priorities of ‘Civil Forum’ are civic (political) activity of youth, student self-governance and informal education (study circles). ‘Civil Forum’ activists also participate in electoral observation, develop a number of projects including Internet mass-media in Belarus, seminars, debates devoted to Magdeburg right, youth business etc. ‘Civil Forum’ is organizationally and legally independent organization but stays very much connected historically and ideologically to Belarusian Liberal Party of Freedom and Progress. CF is a full member of IFLRY and LYMEC and is the only member-organization from Belarus in these associations.