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Carrer del Fener, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra



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Joves Liberals d'Andorra





Joves Liberals d’Andorra is a youth organization founded in 2000 with the purpose of defending and developing the liberal values in the Andorran youth. We are a very important part in Liberals d’Andorra where we have a place in the national bureau, our mother party, member of ALDE party and also member of the International Liberal.

But in 2011, Liberals d’Andorra lost all the MPs in the Andorran Parliament and the party almost disappeared, however the old members of Joves Liberals d’Andorra decided to continue with the party and maintain the Liberal values in the country. Thanks to a great work in the last general elections in 2015, Liberals d’Andorra returned to the parliament and nowadays is the first party in the opposition with 8 MPs of 28.

After that, a group of young people decided to revive Joves Liberals d’Andorra and currently we have an executive bureau and 15 active members of the association. The first goal we had was to become a member again of the international liberal organisations. We are so proud of ourselves as we became a full member of LYMEC last year in the LYMEC Congress in Vienna and also member of IFLRY.

Joves Liberals d’Andorra is a small organisation but we try to be as active as possible. From the national point of view, we organise meetings with our MPs and the local elected in order to know the political actuality, we organize discussions with our members in order to debate from the liberal values, LGBT rights, gender equality and top news topics. From the international point of view, we take part in all the LYMEC congresses and in the most of LYMEC events because for our members is a great opportunity to debate with young people from all Europe and create links with other youth liberal parties.