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Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)





The origins of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its youth wing LIDEM dates back to the days of Former Yugoslavia with the formation of the Reform Party (PRS) and its respective youth wing in 1989. After the breakup of Yugoslavia and the subsequent independence of Macedonia in 1991 the PRS formed the basis for the new Liberal Party. During the early 90’s alongside the Liberal Party there existed another political ally the Democratic Party founded in 1993. As a result of the close political and ideological ties between the two parties in 1997 there was a decision to merge the two into one political subject the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its respective youth wing LIDEM. Since 1997 LIDEM has developed as the true political liberal youth force in Macedonia representing individual freedom and democratic values as a core political objective. Macedonia’s young democracy has brought about numerous challenges for LDP and LIDEM, however both the party and the youth wing have indeed benefited by developing a strong democratic structure and becoming a viable political option in the Macedonian political scene. As a result of hard work and constant development the LDP is currently a member of the ruling coalition government holding some crucial cabinet posts especially in the economic and financial sectors. LIDEM believes that Macedonia’s future is in the European Union and NATO where the country will develop into a true free market oriented society respecting individual as well as minority rights. LIDEM believes in the multi national and cultural identity of Macedonia and as a result the policy of incorporating members of all ethnic communities in Macedonia into its ranks. LIDEM believes that the future of Macedonia lies in its youth and focuses its policies on the improvement of the Macedonian education system on all levels as a prerequisite for both social and economic development. LIDEM is a full member of numerous liberal international organizations such as LYMEC, IFLRY and ISEEL.