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Stockholm, Sweden





We are… LUF is a liberal youth organization from Sweden. LUF was founded in 1934 as the youth affiliation of the liberal party of Swedein, Folkpartiet, a party with roots in the suffrage movement in the late 19th early 20th century. Today LUF has branches all over Sweden and is an organization where young liberals meet and discuss politics. The highlight of the year is the annual congress which is the main authority of the organization. We believe… LUF’s main objective is to promote liberal ideas and values. Although the main focus is in Sweden, LUF think of the liberal struggle as universal. Our core ideas include freedom, democracy, tolerance, capitalism and internationalism. International engagement LUF has a long tradition of international co-operation. We have been actively participating in the four international organisations for young liberals where LUF is a full member: IFLRY, LYMEC, LYBS and NLRU. LUF has a good relationship with liberal aid bureau Swedish international liberal center (SILC) and has worked with SILC with projects in Egypt, Tunisia, Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Georgia. LUF has strong ties to the Baltic and Scandinavian, but since the liberal struggle is universal LUF always try to find adequate partners all over the world for co-operations. Want to start up a project with LUF? Please mail us! Sincerly, Dan-Aria Sucuri International Officer