Mladi hrvatski liberali



Address or City (Public information)

Zagreb, Croatia





The goals of the acting of YCL are: • Active care for the freedoms and rights of the youth and students through presentation and encouragement of the interests of the youth within the HSLS and the society in general; • Active care for the standard and social status of youth and students; • Participation in the activities of HSLS and active impact onto problems of interest for the youth; • Encouragement of all members to actively participate in the activities by HSLS; • Cooperation with student’s, youth and non-governmental organizations in Croatia and abroad, cooperation with other organizations that act on the principles of equality and freedom of every individual, democracy, solidarity and liberalism; • Encouragement and support of creative and different life styles of the youth, support of the diversities of orientations in any way. The principles of acting are: • Diversity of opinion, choice, thoughts and ideas; • Independence in performing the activities (within the Statute and Program of HSLS); • Publicity and dignity in each action; • Responsibility of the individual members and bodies of YCL in political and public activities; The activities of YCL are focused onto reforms and problem solving, under direct participation of the people or groups that are impacted by such problems. The major problem of our youth today is UNEMPLOYMENT, so YCL tries with own ideas and proposals to contribute to the solutions of this problem and other problems that are directly or indirectly linked to unemployment.