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Zagreb, Croatia






Mladi HNS is the biggest liberal youth organization in Croatia, as a part of the third largest political party in country. We were established in 2000 and soon our organizational structure improved, including membership increase. We started to participate through various projects and policy proposals with progressive ideas for Croatian society. In 2005 Mladi HNS merged with LIBRA youth as a result of unification between Croatian people’s party (HNS) and LIBRA – Party of liberal democrats. Therefore, our full name is: „Croatian People´s Party – Liberal Democrats Youth“. Mladi HNS is member of LYMEC, IFLRY and ISEEL, attending most of the seminars. We have also improved cooperation with other European liberal youth organizations through different projects and NGOs within Croatian youth net. Our main partner is Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Our program is based on European liberal democratic values such as: – Full respect and recognition of human rights and minorities – Rule of law – Equal cultural and educational opportunities – Pluralist and open civil society – Separation between church and a state – Free market economy with adequate welfare state – Flexicurity model on the labour market – Sustainable development and environmental protection – EU membership of Croatia – EU enlargement and its federalist polity