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Who are the young people of NEW party’s Youth Forum?

Youth Forum of NEW party is an organization of NEW party’s young members age between

18 and 30. Youth Forum works and operates independently within the confines of NEW party, in

accordance with the regulations, statutes and other acts. Through their work and activities

Youth Forum achieves goals and program principles of NEW party, with special emphasis on

the interests and problems of young people. Youth Forum achieves goals through cooperation

with other youth organizations operating within related parties in Europe and in the world. Work

of the Youth Forum is open and transparent.

Liberalism as a key value – For us it means advocating freedom and responsibility of the

individual as the essential principles of society organization. Honoring all social and economic

freedoms is a key to creating a healthy society that will appreciate independence, innovation

and responsibility as necessary conditions for progress and prosperity. As liberals, we tend to

stay in the political center, rejecting both left and right-wing, but most of all, any form of political


Young in politics – Young in politics must actively participate in creating the future of the

society they live in. NEW party’s Youth Forum promotes politics as a movement of deciding and

acting for the common good. We strongly believe that the role of youth in the politics is a key to

developing democratic and well functioning society.

EU – We DO want to join the European Union! EU integration of Serbia would enable new job

opportunities, funding for many educational and science projects, and the possibility of further

professional and academic training. We would be able to travel more easily, to meet and

explore other cultures which is the best possible way of eradicating all the prejudice of other

nations that are present in our country. The European Union would give Serbia a chance to

participate in the decision-making process, Single Market integration, freedom of movement for

workers and the use of grants from development funds.

Education – Greater investments in education and science will contribute to economic

prosperity. We believe that we should connect the education system with the labor market and

enable easier retraining of personnel. We are supporters of the voucher system for higher

education that was successfully adopted in Scandinavia and some Latin countries, where

money is given to the student personally, not the institution. This is a great way of saving money

but also making education available for everyone! What’s more important, this system brings

more freedom to both students and their parents when it comes to choosing the best school.

The voucher system entails termination of funding the existing system and institutions, but

providing the sufficient funds for the individual needs of users. This way the user gets freedom

of choice, but also the responsibility to select the type of service that fits his needs. On the other

hand, this system encourages educational institutions to compete over each student who is

interested in their services.

Employment – The reform of the economic system is based on encouraging investments,

liberalisation of the market of goods, services and capital and the reform of the labour market.

The most effective way to reduce the unemployment is to minimize the role of the state in

running the economy and to rely more on the free market. We want to give young people the

opportunity to work by providing support through private initiatives, to teach them how to nurture

the entrepreneurial spirit, and prove that it is a better option than to be just an employee. We

want to be appreciated and recognized thanks to our own ideas.

Lowering the voting age – Modern times have brought us internet, social networks and

unlimited access to information. Young people are able to acquire new knowledge, skills and

create their own opinion earlier and faster than the older generations. That makes them well

informed and ready to responsibly use their voting right. We consider young people to be a

great source and the potential of our society, and that the participation of youth in the social life

is one of the indicators of the successful country. By encouraging young people to be an

indispensable part of political decision making processes, we assure the brighter future and

progress in all areas of society. It is the young people who have the potential, innovation and

energy that must not be ignored!

Equal rights for all people – We are committed to creating a society that operates under the

rule of law, where every citizen will be treated with respect and where his inalienable human

rights and freedoms will be honored. We will fight against discrimination, intolerance and

restriction of freedom. Youth Forum’s biggest priority is spreading this idea among young

people, with a special emphasis on fighting against any form of violence and intolerance

towards minorities.

Religious communities – The state must guarantee constitutional separation from religious

communities and social acceptance of all citizens regardless of religion.

Religion should be a matter of an individual’s freedom, his/hers identity and heritage, therefore it

must not be used for political purposes. Religious symbols shouldn’t find a place in public

institutions since they represent the State and society altogether and not just a particular


Same sex marriage rights – In our opinion, marriage is a legal union of two people, regardless

of partners’ gender. Denunciation of the same-sex marriage is a form of hostility and open

discrimination that is completely unacceptable in a democratic and liberal state that we strive


We believe that same-sex couples should enjoy the same legal privileges and obligations as

heterosexual couples.

Sexual minorities – A democratic state should treat all citizens equally regardless of their

sexual orientation. We are committed to better legal protection of LGBT people and for their

greater acceptance in society.

In a society where even one minor group of people isn’t welcome and free, nobody is free!

Legalization of soft drugs – Youth Forum considers that the drug use, especially among youth,

and the consequences caused by it, are a sign that we must change existing measures. We

believe that the solution to this problem is education at a young age, communication with

communities that are affected by this issue and investing more in rehabilitation programs.

Our Forum is committed to decriminalizing soft drugs for personal use by following the positive

examples of other countries who have achieved great results.

Prostitution – We believe that the most effective solution for exploitation, violence and poor

physical health of the sexual workers is the legalization of the prostitution. This way, we would

be able to provide the protection and a good healthcare for women that are, as of now,

surrounded by sexual violence and crime. Human trafficking would remain the criminal activity,

yet we would be able to fight it more efficiently.

People with disabilities – The country must enable people with disabilities to become more

involved in the community and their equal participation in the job market. We would also strive

to provide the better conditions for running their everyday errands.

Environmental protection – The future of our planet is something that concerns us all! Great

investments in environmental protection are necessary, and they are possible through EU funds

and through cooperation with others European countries that have made significant progress in

this area. Waste disposal, polluted rivers, poor quality of air, but also development of solar

energy technologies, and use of other renewable sources are just some of the issues that we

need to deal with in order to save our planet and make it a better place for future generations.

The Defence – Serbia should continue to strengthen and build a professional army, without

compulsory military service. Strengthening cooperation with the NATO alliance in the framework

of the “Partnership for Peace” is an opportunity for stronger cooperation among countries that

share the values of liberal democracy.