Youth of MNDSV



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Sofia, Bulgaria





Rules of organization and operation of Youth National Movement for Stability and Progress (MNDSV) Statute Art. 1. (1) Youth National Movement for Stability and Progress (MNDSV) is the youth organization of the National Movement for Stability and Progress, according to article 12, para. 5 of the Statute of party NMS. (2) National Youth . VALUES AND GOALS Art. 4. Core values ​​that promote and defend the NMS are: 1. freedom and responsibility. 2. morality and integrity. 3. justice and tolerance. 4. equality of opportunity. 5. solidarity. 6. subsidiarity. Art. 5. The objectives of the party are: 1. promotion of Bulgaria as a free and democratic constitutional state with a developed civil society; 2. ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms and religious tolerance; 3. together around the national ideals; 4. promoting cultural and spiritual values ​​of the Bulgarian people; 5. rising living standards; 6. special care for children and younger generation; 7. stimulating the market economy and improving investment climate; 8. stimulation of private property, entrepreneurship and competition; 9. introduction of rules and institutions aimed at eliminating corruption and reducing crime; 10. strengthening the international prestige of Bulgaria and its integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Art. 6. SNM achieves its objectives through: 1. envisaged by the Constitution and laws of the bodies and procedures for participation in political life; 2. interaction with Bulgarian and foreign parties that are loyal to democracy and universal values; 3. cooperation with international organizations whose priorities are regional and global security, protection and safeguarding of human rights.