Projekt: Polska Association



Address or City (Public information)

Warsaw, Poland





“We call into being Projekt: Polska Association, the organisation of new generation, which bravely wants to build up open and modern Poland. We wish to achieve our aims together to bring new quality in polish public life. We dream about Poland as a better place, ready to pick up the changes of the present – day world. The freedom is the most important value for us – the freedom of deciding for ourselves and to influence the environment we live in. By expressing our aims and aspirations we want to have a real influence on our future. We know that we can built it due to activity, involving and corporation.” The main points of our manifesto are as following: 1. Education – we want a democratic society with the economy based on knowledge. 2. European Union –we support but also create all initiatives that promote EU among young people. 3. Economy – we strongly believe that education and the educated people are the best remedy to the unemployment. 4. Ecology – we are deeply convinced that natural environment is citizen’s common good, and also must be protected for the next generations.