Address or City (Public information)

Møllergata 16, 0179 Oslo, Norway






Norges Unge Venstre – The Young Liberals of Norway – is the independent youth wing of the Liberal party of Norway – Venstre. Everyone under the age of 35 who share core liberal principles can become members. As liberals we believe that each individual has the right to govern his or her own life, and that all human beings have equal rights and are of equal worth. We believe in an open, democratic and diverse community, in which the government’s role is to guarantee civil liberties and provide the basic opportunities for people to create their own life. We have a broad range of activities such as seminars, street actions and “liberal cafes/evenings”. We support young liberal candidates running for seats in local or central government. We also work for our views through the Liberal party, and are represented on all levels within the party. We work on a broad range of political issues, locally as well as on the national level. The following are the main national issues for Norges Unge Venstre: – Education: A freer school system where students and pupils can make their own choices about their own future. – Environment: To sustain the world for the freedom of future generations. – EU: NUV is deeply committed to Norwegian membership in the European Union. Furthermore NUV works with many other issues, such as free trade, fair treatment of drug addicts and protection of privacy and other liberal values. The Young Liberals of Norway are members of the International Federation of Liberal Youth, (IFLRY), The European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and the Nordic Liberal and Radical Youth (NLRU).