Istrian Democratic Youth



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Zagreb, Croatia





Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDA) is a political organization of liberal orientation, which operates since 1991. in the area of ​​Istria and Kvarner. Since the first multiparty elections for local and regional representative bodies held in 1993 , IDA is in power in region and most cities and municipalities of Istria, which makes it the most successful regional partie in Croatia. As recent political options, IDA realized the importance of involving youth in the political process and the Youth Club was founded. Istrian Democratic Youth (IDY) is an interest organizational form of IDA which includes members of IDA to 30 years of age. The task of the Youth Club is the detection of the political problems of youth, their articulation of the political agenda and commitment to solving their problems. In addition, youth club plays an important role in bringing politics to young people and encouraging young people to actively participate in social life. IDY exists since 2003. years and its role is growing, both within parties and in the socio-political life of Istria, and indirectly the rest of the Croatian. Great political and civilizational values ​​advocated by IDA, are the values ​​advocated by the Istrian Democratic Youth: regionalism and decentralization, protection of human and minority rights, tolerance and multi-ethnicity, anti-fascism, the protection of the cultural identity of the istrian region , liberalism. IDY’s vision is Istria, where young people see their future, Istria as a region that provides superior living conditions and Istria as one of the leading European regions. IDY is a member of several important international associations that bring together liberal shoot: IFLRY (International Federation of Liberal Youth), LYMEC (European Liberal Youth), ISEEL (Initiative of South East European Liberals). IDY, in addition to, signed a Partnership Agreement with the Croatian Youth Network, which undertakes to participate actively in the process of advocating the implementation of youth policy at national and local levels, together with the Network and other parliamentary political youth parties active in the joint coordination. International cooperation is an important part of the IDY activities, since it gained valuable knowledge and experience, a great benefit from networking and make new acquaintances and friendships with similar organizations abroad.