Nature restoration law lives!

🌿🐝 Earlier this afternoon the European Parliament, with a narrow margin, voted in favor of the Nature Restoration Law, it will now be sent back to the environment committee for further discussions. The Commission’s proposal for a Nature Restoration Law is a key element of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, and calls for binding targets to restore degraded ecosystems which also will foster increasing biodiversity, limiting global warming to 1.5°C, building up the European natures resilience. The law aims to restore at least 20% of Europe's degraded ecosystems by 2030.
💚 LYMEC welcomes initiatives and the implementation of systems that protects the ecosystem and biodiversity, and supports incentives for landowners based on the ecological value they provide by increasing biodiversity on their land.
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October 06 2023

LYMEC4EU Communications Meeting

We are very happy to open the call to register for our first ever LYMEC4EU Communications Meeting in-person in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 6 to 8 Octobe...

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