More than 100 delegates from LYMEC member organizations attended the LYMEC Electoral Congress, that took place in Zagreb, Croatia on the 6 and 7 of June 2014. The Congress discussed a number of policy issues and elected a new leadership of the organization for the next two years.


Vedrana Gujic from Mladi HNS Croatia was elected as a new president.  She has been active in LYMEC for the last 10 years, serving as a Bureau member and vice president in the last 2 mandates. In her presidential speech Vedrana emphasized: “In the times when we witness a growth of extremist ideas and parties, it is crucial that liberals, especially young liberals, stand up for liberal-democratic values and basic rights and freedoms of citizens. LYMEC will work with all of the liberal organization on strengthening of the European liberalism and protection of the values we often take for granted, but are nowadays too often challenged, freedom of speech, thought, individual choice and free will.”


Sissel Kvist from Radikale Venstre (Denmark) will support her as vice president. Danica Vihinen member of Svensk Ungdom (Finland) is the new treasurer and now responsible for LYMEC’s finances. The board is completed by the four bureau members Svenja Hahn (JuLis/LHG, Germany),  Jelena Jesajana (Individual member, Latvia), Timo Roeleveld (JOVD, Netherlands) and Markus Ylimaa (FCY/KOL Finland). The Congress confirmed Igor Caldeira (IMS, Portugal) as Secretary General of LYMEC.

The new internal auditors of LYMEC are Kevin Tammearu (ERPY, Estonia) and Marijn de Pagter (JOVD, Netherlands). The Congress as well elected ten LYMEC delegates to ALDE Party’s Congress taking place in Lisbon (20-22 November 2014): Benedikt Bente, Ab Brightman, Erik Carter, Jeroen Diepemaat, Jelena Jesajana, Timo Roeleveld, Kevin Tammearu, Lukas Schweiger, Danica Vihinen and Benedikt Yavuz.

The delegates also discussed resolutions on different topics. Considering the latest lowering of the interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB) the congress called the member parties of ALDE to push for an independent ECB, which focuses on its prime goal of monetary stability and does not abuse its power for economic or fiscal influence on public and private debt.

Other resolutions dealt with the EU’s international relations; the resolution on the future of Ukraine was carried as well as the resolution on an equal partnership with Turkey.  Society politics was an important issue as well. The delegates called for the legalization of recreational drugs in the European states and for a strengthened and harmonized European wide data protection. The resolution on a uniform ID card for a more effective and safer Schengen was carried too. Having the 2014 EP elections in mind the Congress gave a no to the idea of populist parties in ALDE. The Congress was preceded by a number of fringe meetings organized by the member organizations.


LYMEC would like to use this opportunity to thank the outgoing Bureau for all the efforts and dedication they have put into the work of LYMEC in the last 2 years. Thank you, Jeroen Diepemaat, Anne van der Graaf, Ed Sanderson and Claudia Benchescu. LYMEC also thanks Ivo Thijssen for his work for LYMEC inside of the IFLRY Bureau and Daniel George for his past work in auditing our finances. A special thanks goes to the former Secretary General Slaven Klobucar for everything that he has done for this organization during his years in LYMEC.

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