Job-Offer: Receptionist at ALDE Party

ALDE Party is looking for a receptionist!  Apply by writing to by 30 September 2015 at 12.00 CET.     Receptionist (m/f) The position: Member of a young and international team, the receptionist will be part of the Administration unit. The main responsibilities of the position are: Answer the phone, welcome guests at the ALDE…


Job Offer: Part-Time Assistant

Part-Time Assistant: 7th September 2015 to 6th December 2015 The European Liberal Youth is looking for a part-time assistant for three months. The successful candidate will be working in LYMEC’s office together with the Secretary General from early September to early December. The assistant will support the Secretary General in daily office tasks and organization of…


No guarantees from the Youth Guarantee

he European Court of Auditors has confirmed yesterday what the European Liberal Youth has been saying to its partner organizations: the Youth Guarantee lacks clarity, did not have proper impact assessment studies and has no monitoring mechanisms implemented. For us it shows it is irrelevant, if not damaging, to the fight against youth unemployment.

APPLY! – Events, Working Groups and Individual Membership

We are starting the year with plenty of new projects: a new working group, an event in Warsaw and, of course, the IMS elections.  Read the information below and send your applications to      ___________________________________________   Comparative European Liberal Policies LYMEC is calling for a working group on Comparative European Liberal Policies. The…


We Are Charlie

Our deepest thoughts are with the victims of the horrible attack on Charlie Hebdo and their families. This is not only an attack on the magazine but on all of us who believe in the basic right of freedom of speech. The attack will not make us quiet, only fight harder for a free and…


Hands Up for a Two-States Solution

The European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) welcomes the non-binding motion on Palestine recognition which got overwhelming support of the European parliament today. President Vedrana Gujic points out: “Today the EU is sending a strong message that the two-state solution is the only sustainable solution for resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It is also evident…


Secularism should be respected

On Tuesday the 25th of November 2014, Pope Francis addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg after receiving an invitation from the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Schulz. The European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) underlines that, regardless of the relevance of religion in personal lives, it should not influence policies. LYMEC firmly believes that separation of…


LYMEC welcomes proposed Commission

President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker seems to have struck a balance between different political families with a clear agenda of protecting European citizens from restrictive regulations. Creating a two-tier structure in the European Commission is critical in reaching effective government as well as clearly underlining political priorities its mandate.

Skipping Christmas for Freedom – Reports from Ukraine

On November, 21 unexpected developments have happened concerning Ukraine-Eu negotiations. The planned visit of European Commissioner Stefan Fülle to Ukraine cancelled. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has suspended the process of preparation for the conclusion of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and European Union. The document was signed by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov came to…


Young Leaders Meeting in Lisbon

Last weekend, presidents from LYMEC’s membership organisations gathered in vibrant Lisbon for an engaging agenda of training and discussions at our annual Young Leaders Meeting. Ahead of the crucial elections to the European Parliament next year, participants looked at the best ways of building and communicating a political program, and shared common experiences and best…


Liberal #RainbowsForRussia

RAINBOWS FOR RUSSIA Anti-gay sentiment and stigmatisation is not only on the rise in Russian society, it is also fuelled by the Duma recently passing the law “Propaganda of Nontraditional Sexual Relations”, which restricts the freedom of expression of the LGBT community by banning public discussion of LGBT related topics in front of minors.


LYMEC and IFLRY training in Tbilisi

Last weekend 30 young liberals gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia, for a training on political campaigning. The event brought together representatives from European youth organisations and from the Caucasus. Among them where members of the newly founded Liberal Youth Network of the South Caucasus, LYNC. The seminar was jointly organized by LYMEC and IFLRY, kindly supported…


LYMEC Congress in Tallinn

Over 70 delegates congregated in Tallinn, Estonia last weekend for the LYMEC (European Liberal Youth) Congress and Seminar organised with our Membership Organisation, the Estonian Reform Party Youth (ERPY). The Seminar dealt with LYMEC’s general annual theme of “Redrafting Europe”, specifically focusing on what needs to change on an institutional basis to make the EU…


The time is now for young liberals as LYMEC holds pre-election Congress in Bucharest By: LYMEC Office

Last weekend, over 100 delegates congregated in Bucharest, Romania for LYMEC’s (European Liberal Youth) Autumn Congress. Being the last Congress before the important EU elections next year, participants took the opportunity to discuss and approve our Manifesto ,“Future First”, which states our position on institutional reform, cyber politics and investment in the youth of Europe.…